This article applies to Exchange 2010 In the Microsoft Outlook Web App 2010 you can check delivery reports of your sent and received mail.

To check whether the message was delivered to your mailbox or sent from it:

  1. Login to Outlook Web App: go to and enter your email address and mailbox password to log in.
  2. In the upper right hand corner click Options > See All Options.
  3. Click Organize E-Mail from the menu on the left > Delivery Reports.
  4. You can now choose either Search for messages I’ve sent to (for outgoing messages) or Search for messages that were set to me from (for incoming messages). Click Select users button and choose the user from the Global Address List or your contacts list(s).
  5. After you have selected user, you can enter key words to search the subject line of messages.
  6. Click Search and view your results.
  7. When the search has finished, you can view the details of a certain message: highlighting the message and click Details.
  8. You can now see some details of the email transmission.