Search results can be sorted, tagged, reviewed, commented, filtered and exported.

Read the Knowledge Base article on How do I create a new search? for more information on search creation.

To view search results:

  1. Click View all searches on Dashboard tab.
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  2. Click search name to view its results.


For each message you can perform the following actions:

  • To PDF = create a PDF.
  • Download = export to a RFC822/MIME file. A file will be created for you to download. "zip" is a standard compression format.
  • Send = forward the message out of the archive as an attachment.
  • Recover = recover the message to your personal mailbox.
  • Download or Preview the attachment(s) directly from the search results page. In order to do so, when you locate (in the email headers) the attachment you want to download or preview, switch to Original view and then click on Download or Preview below the body text to download or preview it.

To export search results:

Click Export My Results  to export search results to PST, File (.EML), Text, PDF or HTML.

Note: Export task is limited to 15,000 items and 3,5 Gb. Contact support if you need to create a larger export (the service is chargeable).

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