Customers can setup email notifications for Fax and Auto Attendant Smart Office Accounts once the log into HostPilot.

Intermedia provides web application for subscribers to manage their call handling, messages and billing information. All subscribers potentially have access to HostPilot.

Many Intermedia customers receive a notification every time they receive a new contact. Notifications are available for:

  • New Messages
  • New Urgent Messages
  • New Faxes
  • Sent Fax Successes
  • Sent Fax Failures
  • Connection Call

Setting Up Notification In HostPilot

To set up email notification in HostPilot:

  1. Log In to HostPilot and click on Voice Services.
  2. Locate the Notification button.
    • With a Smart Office, it's usually found under Personal Info.
    • SmartNumbers and other services can find Notification under Preferences.

Under the Notification button, you'll find the following dialog:

Some of the options you can modify are:

  • Toggle Notification On or Off
  • Enter multiple email addresses (up to 160 characters spaces and semicolons do count toward the total)
  • Choose a Display Format for both Voicemail and Faxes, which provides the options to:
    • Attach a copy of the message to the notification email
    • Automatically delete messages after attaching them to the notification email
    • Include a link to the voicemail instead of attachment
    • Simple text notification
    • Numeric notification
  • Choose the types of messages you'd like to be alerted to (i.e. voicemail but not fax)

Notification Display Formats

Here is an explanation of the four notification display formats:

  • Numeric - Sends only the 70*5*10 digit DID as the body of the notification.
  • Text - Sends text stating that you have X number of new Voicemail, Faxes, etc.
  • Link Sends an HTML link to click on to listen to a Voicemail, or view a Fax as a .pdf.
  • Attachment Provides the basic information of Text Display format but also attaches the message to the email.

Notification Receipt Types

Customers may choose to receive notification emails only when specific actions occur with their Intermedia numbers. Those actions include:

  • New Voicemail default
  • New Urgent Voicemail (enabled by default)
  • Connection Calls
  • New Faxes (enabled by default)
  • Sent Fax Deliveries
  • Sent Fax Failures

Note: under certain situations, some options will be disabled. This is largely due to account type and Display Format options.