Starting with version 4.0 of the Polycom firmware, users can easily enable intra-office paging directly through the Polycom phones. If your phone is not on version 4.0 or greater of the firmware, please read the Knowledge Base article on How To Update Polycom Device Firmware for more information on updating it.

Note: this feature is only available for phones on the same physical local area network and requires multicast.

To configure Paging:

  1. Log into the Polycom web configuration page. To do this, you need to get the phone's IP address by going on the phone to Menu > 2. Status > 2. Network > 1. TCP/IP Parameters.... Enter this IP address into your computer’s web browser to bring up the web interface.
  2. From the Settings menu choose Paging/PTT Configuration.

    Polycom Paging step 1

  3. Click the + sign next to Group Paging to expand that section.
  4. Check Enable for Group Paging.
  5. Give the Default Group a label to identify it (for example, Office). Make the Available, Send and Subscribe categories all yes.

    Polycom paging step 2

  6. Choose Save at the bottom of the screen and respond with yes to save the settings.
  7. Your phone will now show a new softkey labeled Paging.

Repeat these steps on all the phones on the network for which you want paging-enabled.

To page the office, press the Paging softkey on your phone and choose a group. You can make your announcement after the beep. All non-busy phones will answer the call in speakerphone mode.

Polycom paging