The most common method to transfer content to your Linux Cloud server will be to use SCP over SSH. You can use any transfer program that supports SFTP. Some of the more common programs are:

  • Filezilla (Linux, MacOS, Windows)
  • WinSCP (Windows)
  • Cyberduck (MacOS)

This article describes a transfer method using Filezilla. Filezilla can be downloaded from

Connecting to your Cloud Server

  1. Launch Filezilla and enter the following settings
    • Host: Enter your Cloud Server’s Public IP
    • Username: Enter your Cloud Server login
    • Password: Enter the password
    • Port: 22
  2. Click QuickConnect button
    Note: The first time you connect, you will see an alert regarding the host key.
  3. Click Ok to proceed.

Filezilla will connect to the server and populate the Remote Pane with a list of files and directories on the server. This will generally be the home directory of the user. If a directory shows a ? over them, this means the folder has not been listed yet. To list the contents, double-click the folder name.

Uploading and Downloading Files
To upload or download files and directories:

  1. Select the files/directories
  2. Drag them from the Local pane to the Remote pane (or vice versa to download)


  1. Right-click the file/directory
  2. Select Upload (or Download)

The files will be added to the Transfer queue at the bottom of the window. Once the file transfer is complete, the file/directory will be displayed in the corresponding pane.

Note: Double-clicking a file/directory will cause it to be transferred to the other pane immediately.

Using Site Manager
To setup connection profiles, you may add the server information to your Site Manager. This will allow you to call up the server quickly without having to re-enter all the connection details. Filezilla stores password in Plain Text and it is not advised to save passwords. WinSCP stores password using encryption.