Note: this article applies to Account Contacts only. End-users can manage their services (e.g. change their password for Exchange mailbox, view instructions on setting up ActiveSync or configuring Outlook Profile) on My Services page. Read the Knowledge Base article on How Can I Manage My Exchange Mailbox Using My Services? for more information.

In HostPilotĀ® Control Panel Account Contacts can:

Modifying default permissions account-wide

Navigate to HostPilot > Users, click User Permissions


Click Default Permissions and choose the level of default permissions for all users on the account.

Default Permissions

Note: user password settings cannot be managed on this page. To modify password policy for multiple users, please navigate to Account > Security Policies > User password policy.

Modifying permissions for individual users

To assign permissions for a single user, navigate to HostPilot > Users, click on a user and select Set User Permissions.

User Permissions