Note: Admin File Management is a chargeable service. Visit your Account > Plan & Pricing page for more information.

Admin File Management allows administrators to view and manage all content belonging to Active and Decommissioned (Regular and External) users on this account.

To manage user's data administrator should be granted Admin File Management role.
For more details, refer to the Knowledge Base article om Account Contacts and Contact Roles

All administrators with proper role can manage decommissioned user's data. To manage data of active users, log in to HostPilot® Control Panel and navigate to Services > SecuriSync > Policies > Security Policy.

Services > SecuriSync

Admin File Management

To access Admin File Management, navigate to Services > SecuriSync > Manage & Restore File. Click on the Login to SecuriSync as Admin button:

Admin File Management

Admin File Management interface allows to sort users with filters (either by name or by user type):

Admin File Management interface

Click on one of the Users in the list to get into user's Web Interface. 

Note: by default Recents tab is opened first. Click on My SecuriSync tab to switch to User's folder structure.

In the Web-interface, Admin can perform the following operations:

  • enter end-user file space and see all content with the same level of permission as the user
  • create, share, leave share, delete, permanently delete, restore folders in end-user file space
  • can download, upload, delete, permanently delete, restore files in end-user file space


All Admin’s actions will be logged in the Activity feed.

Note: Admin cannot share end-user's folders with external collaborators.