Search functionality is SecuriSync allows the users to search for words and phrases in both file and folder names and file content.

Content indexing is supported for the following file types:

doc, dot, docx, rtf, pdf, xls, xlt, xlsx, pptx, ppt, odc, otc, odb, odf, odft, odg, otg, odi, oti, odp, otp, ods, ots, odt, odm, ott, oth, txt, html, xml

and other text formats, as well as Outlook messages.

Basic search


There are two types of terms: Single Terms and Phrases.

A Single Term is a single word such as test or hello.

Single term

A Phrase is a group of words surrounded by double quotes such as "hello world".

Multiple terms can be combined together with Boolean operators to form a more complex query.


For a file name only search use name: in front of the term. Documents containing the term only in the content will not be displayed.
File name only

For a content only search use content: in front of the term.
Content only


  • For a single character wildcard search use the ? symbol. The single character wildcard search looks for terms that match that with the single character replaced.

Single character wildcard

  • For a multiple character wildcard search use the * symbol. Multiple character wildcard searches looks for any matched characters.

Multiple character wildcard

You can also use the wildcard searches in the middle of a term.

Boolean operators

Boolean operators allow terms to be combined through logic operators. Boolean operators must be ALL CAPS.

  • OR
    The OR operator matched documents where any of the terms exist anywhere in the content or the name.
    The OR operator is the default conjunction operator. This means that test OR files search will show the same results as test files
    Equivalent: ||

OR operator

  • AND
    The AND operator matches documents where both terms exist anywhere in the content or the name of a single document.
    Equivalent: &&

AND operator

  • NOT
    The NOT operator excludes documents that contain the term after NOT.
    Equivalent: !

NOT operator

Advanced search

  • +
    The + or required operator requires that the term after the + symbol exist somewhere in the content or the name of a single document. For example, to search for documents that must contain test and may contain files use the query:
    +test files
  • -
    The - or prohibit operator excludes documents that contain the term after the - symbol. For example, to search for documents that contain test files but not student files use the query:
    "test files" -"student files"
  • Grouping
    Grouping of terms using parentheses is also supported. For example, to search for all documents in content or name of which term files must exist and either term test or student may exist use the query:
    (test OR student) AND files
  • Field grouping
    Boolean operators can be used in field search to form a complex query. For example, to search all documents in which the term student files exists only in the name and not in the content use the query:
    name:(student AND files)

Search prefix/suffix

SecuriSync Web App provides searches by prefix, in other words, the keyword you use should be the beginning of the word.

  • When searching for "begin": document "endbegin" is not included in search results as it is written in one word with "begin" being a suffix. Other results with "begin" in the second part of the name are displayed when the word separated by a symbol. 


  • The same is when searching for "end": document "beginend" is not included in search results.


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