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The Phone Book  (Directories) option on the Polycom Touch Screen VVX500 Phone is extremely customizable.  For example, the customer has the option of auto rejecting that contact (send to voicemail) or diverting the caller so that they always transfer to another number.


Flex: Yes

How Does It Work


  1. Press the Home button
  2. Tap Directories
  3. Tap Contact Director (Note: Corporate Directoy does not work)
  4. Tap '+'
  5. Enter the first name of the contact (Encoding controls the entry format)
  6. Tap each entery you wish to fill out, make sure that you fill out first name, last name and Contact (the phone number)
  7. Favorite Index  (unless the customer sets other speed dial numbers the system will automatically assign the next available position) enter the speed dial reference number.
  8. Tap Label and enter the label.
  9. The next option is Ring type. The phone will ring with this Ring Type whenever this contact calls the phone.
  10. Tap Divert Contact (This setting allows the customer to send calls from this contact to another number automatically when it is enabled in a later menu option).
  11. Enter the number (or extension number) you want that caller diverted to.
  12. Tap Auto Reject (sends that caller to voicemail automatically)
  13. Tap Auto Divert (sends that caller to the number programmed earlier automatically)
  14. Tap Save

Special Note:  Not all of these options have to be programmed.

Dialing From The Phone Book

  1. Tap 'New Call', Lift the handset, or press the speaker button
  2. Tap Directory
  3. Tap your option