General steps for setting up an email account on a Windows Phone

To set up an email account on your Windows Phone: 

  1. Enable ActiveSync on the mailbox. Read the Knowledge Base article on How do I activate ActiveSync service for the user? for instructions.
  2. Find your particular settings (Username, Exchange domain, Server address). The correct account information can be found in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel under Users > > Exchange > ActiveSync or in My Services > ActiveSync.
  3. Add the Exchange account on your Windows Phone, following the instructions below.

Adding an Exchange account on a Windows Phone

Perform the steps from 1 to 8 on the picture below:

  1. Go to Settings >  Accounts > Email & app accounts > Add an account  then tap Exchange.
  2. On the Exchange screen add the following information:
  • Email Address – The user’s email address
  • Password – The user's mailbox password

    Tap on Sign in.

      3. In case you do not have autodiscover record added for your domain name, add the following information on the next screen:

  • User name – The user’s email address
  • Domain – Optional

    Tap o Sign in.

      4.  The prompt Something went wrong will appear. Tap on Advanced

       5. On the next screen add the following information:

  • Server - this is your Exchange Proxy Server.
    Important: to protect your account information we cannot publish your Server names in public Knowledge Base. Proxy Server name can be found by navigating to HostPilot > Home > Exchange Servers and Settings > Exchange proxy setting
  • Check  Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection check-box.

       6.  Complete the setup process by tapping Sign in