From this article you will learn all the ways to answer a call on the Yealink W52 handset.

You can answer a call in three ways:
  • Using the earpiece
  • Using the speakerphone
  • Using the headset

Note: you can ignore an incoming call by pressing Silence soft key or reject an incoming call by pressing the on-hook key.

You can also activate Do Not Disturb mode on a per-line basis to reject all incoming calls of the specified line. In all cases, the active call will appear on the LCD screen showing call duration and destination.

Answering when not on another call

To answer a call using the earpiece press off-hook key or the Accept soft key.

To answer a call using the speakerphone mode press speakerphone key.

To answer a call using the headset press the Accept soft key when the headset is connected.

Answering when on another call

If you are on an active call, an incoming call arrives on the handset, press off-hook key, speakerphone key, OK or the Accept soft key to answer an incoming call (the original call will be placed on hold.