McAfee is a new Email Protection solution implemented in Intermedia. This article is an overview of McAfee configuration and setup.

In order to access McAfee Control Console, navigate to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Protection, select your plan and click Manage:
Services > Email Protection

Note: If Protection is greyed out for you, contact your Account Owner to grant you Email Protection role.

There are 3 available plans:

Currently used package is highlited with blue accent and has Manage button (not applicable to Basic package which has only default unmanageable settings).
McAfee Advanced Email Protection and McAfee Advanced DLP + Email Continuity support access to the McAfee Control Console and allow you to control your account email protection settings and Email Protection Policies. You can change your plan at any time by clicking Upgrade.

Important: Users cannot have more than 98 email aliases set up with McAfee Email Protection. All the domains are automatically setup correctly, making changes in McAfee Control Console without notifying Support may lead to mailflow errors.

Note: If you were using McAfee before, the domains will not be created automatically under new account. In that case, if you're planning to use McAfee with Intermedia:

  1. Point the MX records to our servers
  2. Delete the domain in Control Console using your old McAfee account login
  3. After domain is deleted in McAfee, delete the domain in HostPilot.
  4. Re-create deleted domain in HostPilot.
  5. Check if the domain appeared in McAfee.
  6. Point the MX back to McAfee.

Important: it is vital to make MX record changes during the process described above. Please contact Support for assistance.