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The purpose of this article is to show you how to lock/unlock the keypad of a Yealink W52 Handset


This article applies to:
Yealink W52

This article 
does not apply to:
Any other phones / devices


You can lock the handset keypad to prevent keys from being accidentally pressed.

To lock the keypad via the handset:

  1. Long press  when the handset is idle until the LCD screen prompts. “Keypad Locked, Press and hold ‘#’ to unlock!”.
  2. The keypad is locked and the  icon appears on the status line.
  3. You can still answer or reject incoming calls as usual. You can also end the answered call by pressing .

To unlock the keypad via the handset:

  1. Long press again until the LCD screen prompts “Keypad Unlocked”. The keypad is unlocked and the icon disappears from the idle screen.

*** Note: If the keypad is locked, only the emergency numbers can be dialed out. You must enter the emergency number continuously.



- Yealink W52 Cordless Basic Operating Instructions