1. OWA-only mailbox has all the same functionality as an Exchange mailbox besides desktop client availability, making it accessible only via Outlook Web Access.

Note: you can connect your Outlook client to an OWA-only mailbox using IMAP/SMTP or POP/SMTP protocols.

OWA-Only mailbox can be accessed here.

Login page

Creating OWA-only mailbox:

  1. Log in to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel and navigate to Services > Mailboxes:
    Services > Mailboxes
  2. On the Mailboxes tab, select OWA-Only Mailboxes and click Create user:
    Create user
  3. Make sure the OWA-Only Mailboxes box is checked, fill in ther user details and click Create:
    Create OWA-Only mailbox

Managing OWA-only mailbox:

To manage an OWA-only mailbox, click on the display name. You can modify the email addresses and user info, reset password, set permissions, manage forwarding settings, distribution list membership, mailbox access and view storage details.

Manage OWA-only mailbox

The following additional services can be enabled for OWA-only mailboxes:

The following services are unavailable for OWA-only mailboxes:

  • Outlook Backup
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10
  • Custom Retention Policies

Note: Full Access or Send As permissions cannot be applied to OWA-Only mailboxes.