Your phone indicates the presence of new voicemail messages by a flashing Message Waiting Indicator LED on the front of the phone.

Retrieving Messages From Your Desk Phone

  1.  Press the Message button.
  2.  Enter your PIN when prompted.
  3.  The system will say You have ‘X’ new and ‘Y’ old voicemail messages
  4.  The following options are available through the keypad

Retrieving Messages When You Are Away From The Office

  1. Dial your Desk Phone and allow it to ring
  2. When your voicemail greeting begins to play, enter your PIN over your greeting.


Forward Voicemail Messages via the Phone

You can forward a voicemail from your voicemail box to another voicemail box or a group of voicemail boxes.

  1.  Once logged in to your voicemail box, press 1 to listen to your message(s)
  2.  Press 6 at any time while listening to the message or after the message
  3.  Press 1 to forward the message
  4.  Enter the phone number, extension number or group number to receive the message
  5.  Record an introduction to the message.
  6.  Touch * to send the message