This article is an overview of all services and features available on Intermedia account.

  1. Home page
  2. Creating account contacts
  3. Adding domains
  4. Creating account objects
  5. Migrating existing data
  6. Setting up mail clients
  7. Setting up accounts on mobile devices
  8. Other services

Home page

To access your account settings, you would need to log into HostPilotĀ® Control Panel as administrator. Once logged in, you will see the Home page. Home displays Services that are enabled on the account and Shortcuts that can be used for the quick access.


The right side of the Home page displays the following section Updates and Resources. Updates section shows the system information. The Resources section has the following options:

  • Downloads: this section has download files for different Outlook versions, Outlook Profile Helper and Single Sign on.
  • Exchange servers and settings: this section displays the account server settings
  • Knowledge Base: this section directs to support articles and instructions
  • Support center: this option displays extended services portal
  • Live chat: this section automatically starts live chat support session
  • Get started: quick access to the enabled services

Creating account contacts


In order to be able to manage a newly created account, an account contact needs to be added. By design, the person who purchased the account has the account owner role.
Important: only account contacts are authorized to contact Support (phone, email, and chat).

Account contacts can have different levels of access to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel and, therefore, can manage different services.

Adding domains


In order to receive mail to Intermedia servers, the following steps need to be performed:

  1. Your domain needs to be added to the HostPilot
  2. DNS records need to be created/modified for your domain

In addition to hosting your mail, Intermedia can also host your DNS records.

Creating account objects


Once the domains are added to HostPilot, account objects can be created:

Read the Knowledge Base articles on:

for more information.

Migrating existing data

If you're migrating from another mail hosting provider, your existing data can be transferred to Intermedia.

Setting up mail clients


A variety of desktop mail clients can be used to connect to Intermedia mailboxes. Depending on the OS version of your machine and the type of connection you want to use, you can choose the most suitable mail client.

Read the Knowledge Base guide on How Do I Connect A Mail Client To My Mailbox? for setup instructions.

Setting up accounts on mobile devices


Intermedia mailboxes can be accessed from a variety of mobile devices as well.

Read the Knowledge Base guide on How To Connect A Wireless Device With Email Account for setup instructions.

Other services

Intermedia also provides you with various other services which include:

Note: some of the services above may depend on your plan.