You can add a new account contact in case if your own role is account owner and/or account manager.

  1. Login to $controlpanelName as an administrator with your login and password.
  2. Navigate to Account > Account Contacts> Click on button Create New Contact.
  3. Enter the general information: name, phone number, email address, login. Generate or enter the password manually.
    general information
    Email address that you will enter will be used for notifications.
    NOTE: Login can't be changed. Your new account contact will be using this as a username when login to $controlpanelName.
  4. Add security information: alternate email address and cell phone.
  5. Select the checkbox Two-factor athentication in case if you would like this user to be challenged with additional authentication method. To find out more about Two-factor authentication click here.
  6. Choose the role for your new account contact:
    • Contact Manager: this role allows modifying contact details and resetting passwords for themselves and others using HostPilot (Account > Account Contacts). This role can be assigned in combination with any of the other roles to allow someone to administer the contacts on your account.
    • Billing Manager: this role gives access to all the items under Account in HostPilot EXCEPT managing other Account Contacts. Access includes plan and pricing details.
    • Security Manager: this role gives access to security-related options, such as Password Policies, IP-Based Access and Event Log.
    • Technical Administrator: this role gives the contact access to all areas of the HostPilot EXCEPT those under Account. You can select some services that will be available for Technical Administrator to manage and restrict access to other services.
  7. Click Create Contact.