This article describes the steps for enabling the Intermedia AppID service and (optionally) two-factor authentication for the users under Services > AppID > Manage Users.

Manage Users

Enabling the service

  1. Navigate to the AppID tab.
  2. To enable the Intermedia AppID service for users, check the corresponding box next to their user name.
  3. To enable two-factor authentication, check the box next to the user name under Two-factor Authentication.
  4. To grant a user Application Admin rights, check the box next to the user name under Application Admin
  5. Click Proceed.

Enable services

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an additional authentication step for your users. Once two-factor authentication is enabled, the user will be asked to set up their 2-factor authentication method.

Note: the following two-factor authentication methods are available:

  • SMS
  • Voice call
  • Google Authenticator mobile app

Read the Intermedia AppID: Two-factor Authentication Knowledge Base article for more information.

In order to modify the frequency with which the users are asked for two-factor authentication on mobile devices and desktop clients:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Two-factor authentication settings.
  2. Choose the preferable frequency and click Save Changes

Change two-factor authentication settings

Note: a link to the Usage report page will also be available where the Two-factor authentication method used by each user on the latest login can be reviewed:

Usage report

Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Track Intermedia AppID Usage for more information.

In case the user has lost their mobile phone or deleted the Google Authenticator application and cannot log in, you can reset Two-factor Authentication:

  1. Navigate to Services > AppID > Users > Manage Users and click on the username
  2. Click the Reset Two-factor authentication button
    Reset Two Factor Authentication

The user will be prompted to set up Two-factor Authentication at the next login.

Application Admin

With the Application Admin role enabled, end-user can create new custom apps or edit existing custom app settings. Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia AppID: Managing Applications for more information.

To grant or revoke Application Admin rights:

  • on the AppID user page, check / uncheck the Custom Application Manager box and click Save Changes:
    Application admin
  • on the Services > AppID > Users > Manage Users page, check / uncheck the Application Admin box next to ther user name and click Save Changes:
    Application admin

Managing user application settings

Administrators can view app availability for a user and manage their credentials on the Services > AppID > Users page by clicking the user name:

Manage user application settings

Each app dashboard setting for a user can be found in the Dashboard Setting column. To view if the setting is a default app one or is inherited from a Group the user is a member of, click Details:

See details

To view or edit app credentials available for a user, click Manage credentials. There are 3 types of credentials avaiable:

  • Personal credentials Personal credentials - individual user credentials. Those can be modified:
    Edit personal credentials
    or removed:
    Remove personal credentials
  • Group credentials Group credentials - shared group credentials (provided to the user by the admininstrator)
  • System credentials System credentials - credentials for Intermedia apps (i.e. OWA, My Services etc.) which cannot be modified

To add new credentials to the app, click Add new credentials and enter Login and Password:

Add new credentials