This article describes how to:

 Installing the browser extension

  1. Navigate to the website and enter your credentials
    Login to AppID
  2. Install the browser extension by clicking Install Extension
    the following browsers are not supported: 
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Opera and Internet Explorer
    • Chrome

      • Click Install Extension > Add
        Install Chrome Extension
    • Firefox

      • Click Download > Allow > Install Now
        Install Firefox Extension

Using the browser extension

The extension will appear in your browser toolbar. Depending on the icon status, you will be able to determine if you're signed in or not:

  • Signed In Icon Intermedia AppID colour icon means that you’re signed in
  • Signed Out Icon Intermedia AppID grey icon means that you’re signed out and in order for AppID to Single Sign-on you need sign in to AppID first

By clicking on the extension icon, you'll be able to:
Extension Icon

  • Log in to/Log out from Intermedia AppID
  • Open User Portal page
  • Send Feedback about AppID

If you are logged out from AppID and go to an app which is supported by AppID, the popup will appear in the top right-hand corner and will remind you to log in to AppID. 

With the browser extension installed, Intermedia AppID will allow you to manage your credentials on the supported websites.
Note: credentials are encrypted and stored on the server. Administrators have no access to the user credentials.

Note: credentials can also be managed via the AppID Portal.

  • Saving credentials

    If you're entering the credentials for the first time, you will be prompted with the following options:
    Save Credentials
    • Save - AppID will Single Sign-on you in to this application automatically. The app will be also added to your portal. 
    • Not now - you will be asked again at the next login.
    • Never for this login – AppID will never ask you this question again when you login with this username. If you decide save it at a later point, you can do so via the AppID Portal.
    • If the app is not added to your dashboard yet, you’ll see the Never for this app option which, if selected, will restrict AppID from showing this prompt when you log in to this application. If you decide to save your credentials for this app at a later point, the app can be re-selected via the AppID Portal.
  • Multiple credentials support

    If you use more than one credential for an app, you’ll be prompted to save them.
    If you use multiple credentials to log in to the same website, log out and log in to the web app using each set of credentials. You will be prompted to save them and, at the next login, you will be asked to select your login:
    Select your login
    If the desired username is not listed, click Login with new credentials.
  • Credentials changed

    If the app credentials are modified, you can re-enter your credentials on the app webpage by clicking Manually enter credentials:
    Re-enter your credentials