Intermedia AppID Portal is a web page where users can manage their applications and credentials. You can access the AppID portal at

At your first login in a browser that hasn't been used before, you will need to downoad browser extension.

Selecting applications

When you first log in, the setup Wizard will be run. You can select applications using the setup Wizard or add them later at any time.

To select apps:

  1. Click Add Applications and select the apps you want to use from the list by clicking on the application icon.
  2. When you finish selection, click Finish and return to My Apps. The apps will appear on your main Portal page
    .Select and add Applications

Apps are grouped by categories and can be easily searched using the search box. Clicking on the application in the dashboard will open a new tab for the selected application.

You can also drag and drop apps to the Favourites section for quick access:

Managing app credentials and app settings

To manage application settings, move the mouse to the top left-hand corner and click on the Settings icon.

Note: you will only see the Settings icon if the browser extension is installed.
View Settings

Note: some apps may be predefined by your administrator and cannot be deleted. Such apps are marked with a lock icon:

 Predefined Apps

In the Settings window, you can:

  • modify the login page URL - if you use a custom URL to log in to the app, or if the app URL you use differs from the default one, enter the new value and click Save Changes
  • add new credentials - click the Add new credentials button and type the username and password. Click Save
  • review and edit credentials available for the app

Manage Settings

You can find the following types of credentials:

  • My credentials - credentials you added in the Portal on when logging in to the app. They can be:
    • modified - type the new username or password and click Save changes
      in case of multi-field and multi-step authentication, you may see other fields available
      Modify your credentials
    • removed - click Remove > Remove:
      Remove your credentials
  • Shared credentials (premium plan only) - credentials you share with other users assigned by your Administrator
  • System credentials (in most cases your email credentials) - the credentials are automatically added to Intermedia apps such as OWA, My Services etc. You can’t change or delete these credentials.
  • Ignored user accounts - the credentials you decided not to save are displayed at the bottom of the window. They can be:
    • enabled - click Enable, enter password for this login and click Enable. The credentials will be moved to My credentials section:
      Enabled ingnored credentials
    • removed - click Remove > Remove. You will be prompted to save them on your next logon with those credentials:
      Remove ingnored credentials