The Profile Settings page is where you choose the domain's, encryption/delivery methods, and branding for each profile.

To edit profile settings follow these steps:

  1. In HostPilotĀ® Control Panel, navigate to Services > Compliance > Encrypted email > Encrypted mail gateway.
  2. In the Encrypted Email Console click on Profile Settings.
  3. On the profile settings page click on Edit Settings.

     Edit Profile
  4. Use tabs to switch between delivery methods and settngs.

    Profile settings

Below you will find a description for each setting.

Profile Settings

Common (all methods)

  • Time Zone: Specify a time zone to be used for this profile. This affects the time stamp that appears in outgoing messages headers and in reports.
  • Locales: A comma-separated list of locales, (e.g. en_US,fr_FR,de_DE), where the first entry is the default locale for this profile. They determine the list of PDF Email Templates that will
    appear in place of the {templates} placeholder in the Secure PDF Email.
  • Notify on Encrypt: Notify the sender when a message is successfully encrypted.
  • Notify on failure: Notify the sender when the message cannot be sent.
  • Shared Passphrase Subject Override: If enabled, the sender can add a specific text string to any email subject to apply an adhoc Secure PDF Passphrase.
  • Shared Passphrase Header Override: If enabled, the sender can add a header tag to any email to apply an ad-hoc Secure PDF Passphrase.


  • Subject Tag: Text that is appended to successfully encrypted messages.
  • From Pattern: The friendly name that will be displayed in the ‘From’ field the message sent.
  • Bounce Pattern: Plaintext message sent to users when their email message triggers a policy and the message is bounced back.
  • Email Footer Text: Text that is appended to successfully encrypted messages.

Profile Specific Encryption Settings

  • TLS Encryption: Email attempts to establish a Transport-Layer Security (TLS) connection to the receiving domain, and send a clear text message over that connection.
    The domains list has two possible functions:
    - Disable for listed domains: TLS delivery is disabled for all domains on the list (as well as all Global Blocked Domains).
    - Enable for listed domains ONLY: TLS delivery is enabled only for domains on the list.
    To add a domain to the list click on Add and enter the domain to the new text box. Each text box can contain only one domain name.
  • PDF Encryption: allows to enable PDF encryption for either attachments or entire message. Read the Knowledge Base article on What Changes Are Required To Start Using PDF Encryption With Policy-Based Encryption?
  • Web Portal Encryption: An encrypted message is delivered to the Web Portal for pickup by the recipient.