Known Issues

  1. The SPI Firewall on this router does not interfere with VoIP phones.
  2. Documentation on how to modify this router is needed:
    • How to disable DNS proxy/relay & change the DHCP DNS to efficient DNS server addresses, like Google's DNS
    • How to enable WAN ping response from our Call Quality Monitoring Servers


  • Please contact Intermedia Technical Support if you have this router. 
  • This router is end-of-life, no longer supported by Cisco, but it may be sold online.
  • SIP ALG is disabled by default, but if it was enabled manually, that setting needs to be disabled:
    1. Navigate to Firewall on the left hand side of the page
    2. Click Basic Settings> SIP Application Layer Gateway> Set to disabled
    3. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page