Known Issues

  1. The SPI Firewalls on these routers do not interfere with VoIP phones.
  2. Documentation on how to modify these routers is needed:
    • How to verify SIP ALG is disabled
    • How to disable DNS proxy/relay & change the DHCP DNS to efficient DNS server addresses, like Google's DNS
    • How to enable WAN ping response from our Call Quality Monitoring Servers 
  3. Newer versions branded as "Cisco" routers have different hardware and software running on them, which may or may not have SIP ALG enabled.


  1. Please contact Intermedia Technical Support if you have one of these routers. 
  2. These routers are end-of-life, no longer supported by Cisco, but they may be sold online.
  3. SIP ALG is disabled by default, but if it was enabled manually, that setting needs to be disabled.