Known Issues

  1. SIP ALG enabled by default, and it needs to be disabled to prevent intermittent one-way audio and other call and phone feature failures.


  1. Log into the router > navigate to Security > ALGs
  2. Disable SIP > click Apply
  3. More information is needed on this router.
    • If you have one of these devices, please call Intermedia Cloud Voice Technicial Support so we can document how to make further necessary changes to prevent intermittent problems on Polycoms phones.
    • We need more information on how to change the DHCP DNS server addresses and disable DNS proxy/relay to prevent intermittent registration failures on just Polycom phones.
    • We need to determine if this device features Bandwidth Management (BWM), also known as Rate Control or Rate Limiting.
    • We also need to document how to allow the router to respond to WAN pings from our Call Quality Monitoring and Troubleshooting Servers
  4. This device supports IP Precedence QoS Policy Routing.  We strongly recommend that you enable this feature.
    • To Enable, go to Policies > Traffic Shaping > set to Auto