Known Issues

  1. Known firmware bugs in version >3.3 causes RTP to drop mid-calls, causing audio to cut out completely and not return.
  2. SIP ALG enabled by default, but it can be disabled in newer firmware versions.
  3. The DHCP DNS servers (DHCP option 6) cannot because changed, causing intermittent DNS lookup failures that affects only Polycom phones.  This causes intermittent call and phone registration failures on Polycom phones.


  1. Login to the device > Go to Advanced > Uncheck SIP > Click Apply to save.
  2. Buy a recommended or serviceable router if you do not have one already - due to the Known Issues listed above.
  3. Setup the new router.
    Important: Intermedia cannot setup the new router for you, but your IT or the manufacturer of your new router can help you.  They will need to move settings from the old to the new router to ensure your computers and other devices on the network work properly.
  4. Then you will need to either:
    1. Call your ISP & have them bridge the Motorola to your new router. 
      • This is the preferred and most reliable method.
      • If you ISP refuses to bridge the modem, then do the steps below. 
        • You or your IT will need to:
          • Upgrade the gateway's firmware to version 3.3 or greater to resolve an RTP-related (call audio) firmware issue.
          • Put the new router in the Motorola's Passthrough Mode as described below.
          • No phones should be connected directly to the Motorola - or they will experience DNS lookup failures.
            • Login to the Motorola device.
            • Click on Advanced at the top of the page.
            • Under Passthrough Mac Addresses at the bottom of the page, enter in the WAN-interface MAC address of your new router and click Add MAC Address.