The following is the minimum network requirements for Intermedia VoIP Service:

  1. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) that delivers your internet service over a wired connection - such as:
      • DSL
      • Cable
      • FIOS
      • A leased-line (T-1, T-3, etc).
      • Not Supported: Satellite (WildBlue, HughesNet), Wireless/Wi-Fi, Cellular(4G, WiMAx, Clear, MyFi), and Microwave are not reliable with VoIP.
  2. A Recommended or Serviceable router.
  3. An active DHCP server
    • We do not support assigning static IP addresses to our phones.
    • All routers that we support are DHCP compatible.
  4. You must be located in the United States and your address must be in a location where E-911 (Enhanced 911) service is available.