Known Issues

  1. Response to WAN pings is disabled by default - it's an optional setting that needs to be changed to allow response from our Call Quality Monitoring Ping Server.
  2. The WRT610N router is discontinued. The hardware V1 of this model of router has SIP ALG enabled by default and there is no way to disable it and no firmware updates are available. If you have a WRT610N V2 SIP ALG should be an option to disable. The V1 version of this router is incompatible.


  1. Login to the router
  2. Go to Firewall > Check Respond to Anonymous Internet Requests
  3. The IPv4 and IPv6 SPI Firewall on this router doesn't interfere with phones so it should not be disabled.
  4. Click Save Settings
  5. Check the router's configuration for SIP ALG. If it is enabled it will need to be disabled.