Known Issues

  1. This stub article exists to document how some hardware versions in the WNDR3500-series suffer from a flaw in the DHCP-server design that prevents it from properly assigning IP addresses to devices that properly and strictly implement the DHCP specification - including our phones.  This is a known bug in the Netgear firmware for this router, however Netgear has declined to issue a fix.
  2. Many firmware versions do have an option to disable DNS relay/proxy, causing DNS lookup timeouts on Polycom phones.  That setting needs to be disabled to prevent intermittent or frequent phone registration failures.
  3. Therefore, we do not recommend this router since it's compatibility can be hit or miss, depending on what firmware version you are using.
  4. This routers also come with SIP ALG enabled by default.
  5. Also WAN Pings is disabled by default, which is an optional setting that is needed to allow the router to respond to our Call Quality Monitoring and Troubleshooting Ping Server.


  1. Perform the changes in the article Netgear: Instructions For Many Netgear Routers.
  2. If IP addressing related issues persist and/or if DNS proxy/relay still cannot be disabled after making the changes above and upgrading the router's firmware:
    • Then you will need to replace your Netgear router with a different serviceable or recommended router if you do not have one already.
    • Intermedia cannot setup the new router for you, but your IT or the manufacturer of your new router can help you. 
    • They will need to move settings from the old to the new router to ensure your computers and other devices on the network work properly.