Bandwidth Management (BWM) is also known as Rate Control or Rate Limiting. 

  • BWM is a type of Traffic Shaping, different from Quality of Service (QoS) prioritization methods listed below:
    • DiffServ, DSCP, CoS, IP Precedence 802.1p.
  • It reserves/guarantees that the phones and fax devices get the exact amount of bandwidth they need. For more details review the Knowledge Base article VoIP Bandwidth Requirements.

  • It needs to be set up on both the downstream and upstream to prevent computers and other devices from consuming excessive bandwidth and negatively affecting the overall quality of voice calls and fax streams.

  • Not all routers on the market have BWM and some that do have this feature do not have robust enough hardware to maintain strict bandwidth controls. This is why most of our Recommended Routers that have BWM start at around $50 and above.

  • Your router becomes a critical part of your phone system with VoIP service. You do not want to cut corners with an inexpensive router that is the lifeline for your phones and fax devices. For more details review the Knowledge Base article Recommended LAN configuration.