Important billing changes for current Intermedia customers whose accounts are still managed under the AccessLine system

In late 2014, Intermedia will be migrating our current AccessLine heritage accounts into Intermedia’s management system HostPilot.  Products affected by this migration are Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking services. Please note, no changes to your monthly bill will occur as a result of this migration.

The benefits of this migration include providing Intermedia customers with one login and password, one control panel to manage all Intermedia services, one bill and one source of support, which we hope will deliver an improved overall experience when interacting with Intermedia.

Billing transition

There are several important changes of which to take note:

  • Billing information currently in Admin Portal is moving to the Account section in your new HostPilot Control Panel. This includes:
    • Viewing your balances.
    • Locating statements.
    • Adding or updating credit card and other billing information.
    • Past invoices generated by the AccessLine billing system will not be available within the HostPilot end user control panel. If you need a copy of your past invoices for your records, please download them as soon as possible. Access to the AccessLine Admin Portal will eventually be retired as the migration comes to completion.
    • Customers on invoice billing will experience some changes as well:
      • In an effort to be green, invoices will now be emailed to the Account Owner and Billing Manager contacts each month. Paper invoices via  standard mail will no longer be an available option. Please ensure your contact information is up to date by accessing the Accounts section on the top of the page in HostPilot.
      • The email address which an invoice will come from will change from to 'IntermediaBillingDept' Please watch for these emails in your spam and junk folders, and add as a safe sender in your email settings.
      • The invoice will have a new payment address. Please see the email containing your invoice for the correct address.

Using the HostPilot Control Panel

Accessing and updating billing information will now be accomplished through the HostPilot control panel. Please click here for information about logging into HostPilot. HostPilot will accept the same login and password you currently use for logging into the Admin Portal.

Once successfully logged in, your billing information may be accessed via the ‘Account’ section at the top.



The balance section will display your current account balance and provide details of what makes up your balance. You may search through previous transactions, as well as see detailed transaction information by clicking on the Transaction Detail ID.


Voice services charges will display as their own line item and their own unique Transaction Detail ID. Simply click on the Transaction Detail ID to view detailed information about the charge.


The Transaction ID section will contain a breakdown of:

  • Transaction Details – amount, billing cycle dates and duration.
  • Transaction Breakdown – breakdown of charges and adjustments.
  • Taxes, Fees and Surcharges – breakdown of miscellaneous charges.

The Transaction Details section also contains an Explanation of charges which may be downloaded. The link is located in the upper right, next to the print button. 
The Explanation of charges is not a bill, but provides more detailed breakdowns of charges than the Transaction Details section.


Plan & Pricing Information

The Plan & Pricing Information section allows you to:

  • Change to a different Intermedia plan.
  • View current plan details.
  • View optional features of your current plan.

The Plan Information section is where you can upgrade your plan and add additional Intermedia services to your Voice Services plan.


The Platform Name drop down menu will contain plans available to you. Selecting a plan will add that service to your existing Voice Services plan. Please note that a plan change could result in a change to your monthly bill.

Plan Details provides an overview of important plan details such as Contract Term, the number of free account contacts included with your plan, and allows you to compare your current plan to other Intermedia plans via the compare feature.


The Optional Features section provides information about the cost and availability of add-on features to your current plan(s).


Billing & Company Information

This section allows for updating of important company information, such as:

  • Company name and address.
  • Billing address.
  • Billing information (credit card information).



At Intermedia we value your feedback. Please feel free to click on the Feedback button, located in the lower right corner of the HPBX Admin Portal to provide your feedback to our Product Management team.