This article gives an overview on accessing and updating billing information through HostPilot Control Panel. Please click here for information about logging into HostPilot. 

Once successfully logged in, your billing information may be accessed via the Account section at the top.

Balance & Billing Documents

Balance section will display your current account balance and provide details of what makes up your balance. You may search through previous transactions, as well as see detailed transaction information by clicking on the Transaction Detail ID.

Transaction Details section will contain a breakdown of:

  • Transaction Details – amount, billing cycle dates and duration.
  • Transaction Breakdown – breakdown of charges and adjustments.

Billing Documents section contain invoices and credit memos which can be downloaded. Documents can be filtered by type, by date or by performing a search using Document ID. 

Plan & Pricing 

Plan & Pricing section allows you to:

  • Change to a different Intermedia plan.
  • View current plan details.
  • View optional features of your current plan.

Plan Information section is where you can upgrade your plan and add additional Intermedia services to your  plan.

Platform Name drop down menu will contain plans available to you. Selecting a plan will add that service to your existing plan. Please note that a plan change could result in a change to your monthly bill.

Plan Details section provides an overview of important plan details and Included Features and allows you to compare your current plan to other Intermedia plans via the compare feature.

Optional Features section provides information about the cost and availability of add-on features to your current plan(s).

 Company & Billing Information

This section allows to update  important company information, such as:

  • Company name and address.
  • Billing address.
  • Billing information (credit card information).