How do WAN Ping Test and VoIP/Soak Test compare to one another and what are the differences?

The WAN Ping Tool

  • Testing methods use ICMP-based network traffic, called Pings, which have a low priority on the public internet.
  • Primary purpose is to test connectivity to the public internet to the customer's network edge (their modem). It is intended to help diagnose issues within the public WAN.

Note: Please enable WAN ping response to our Call Quality Monitoring Servers:,

The VoIP Scout Test

  • Testing methods simulate a bi-directional sequence of call set-up messages (SIP) and audio payload packets (RTP) which have a high priority on the public internet.
  • The primary purpose is to test VoIP calls on the customer's LAN, which means that the testing includes all of the effects of customer's infrastructure (their switches, internal firewall policies/filtering, etc.).
  • Results are more indicative of what the user may experience during an actual VoIP call. The VoIP Tester's advantage is to test "the last mile" of a customer's circuit and gives you data about the customer's internal network. This test paints a realistic picture of the customer's call quality.

The difference between the WAN Ping Test vs VoIP/Soak Test