Our Onboarding service is a 3-phased process:

  1. Initial Review: to verify your IP infrastructure and network are optimized for our service and schedule your Account Setup appointment.
  2. Account Setup: to set up your Auto Attendant, help familiarize you with the service and features, test your phones, and answer any questions you may have.
  3. Check-in: follow-up to ensure your service is working correctly, all numbers have ported and that you are completely comfortable with your new service.

5 Tips for ensuring a smooth migration to Intermedia Voice Services:

    1. Schedule and prepare for your Onboarding appointment
      • You can schedule your Initial Review appointment right at the time of purchase, or at your convenience. We have appointments available from 4:00AM-6:00PM Pacific Time, M-F.
    2. Prepare to move your numbers from your previous carrier
      • Transferring numbers between carriers is a delicate and in-depth process. You can help reduce the chances of any unforeseen delays or port rejections by familiarizing yourself with what to expect during this transition:
        please refer to the following article to proceed with the porting process on accounts with HPBX 2.0 module:
        How To Use Number Porting LOA Wizard
        For Intermedia Unite please check the porting procedure below:
        Using The Number Porting Wizard With Intermedia Unite
    3. Verify your existing network supports your new phone system out-of-the-box
    4. Plan how your Auto Attendant should route calls to best serve the needs of your business.

      For the detailed steps, see the Knowledge Base article on How To Set Up Auto Attendant On Intermedia Unite.
    5. Know where to find your resources

      Knowing what information is available to you for easy reference can help quickly resolve any confusion or concerns during the implementation of your new services:
      you can check our Knowledge Base for the required information, e.g.  Intermedia Unite Owner's Manuals.

      For HPBX 2.0 we have a full list of Quick Reference Guides and Owner’s Manuals to help aid you with your company’s transition.