1. Ensure all phones and optional equipment are at the correct installation address

    Refer to the orange packing list(s) included in the shipping box(es). The packing list details each phones address. Phones must be installed at the address shown to ensure that 911 responders arrive at the correct address.
  2. Create your Admin Portal Login name and password.

    After you completed your order, Intermedia sent you an email with instructions and a link to setup your Admin Portal. Please make sure you have created your login name and password.
  3. Login to the Admin Portal and activate your phone lines.

    Activating your phone lines enables you to place/receive calls and validates the proper installation of phones and optional equipment. Please refer to the installation guides for instructions.
  4. Install your phones and optional equipment

    Use the appropriate installation guide(s) included in the shipping box(es)
    • Please see a list of all available phone guides here.
  5. Setup the voicemail boxes for each phone

    Instruct each person receiving a phone to follow the instructions included within each phone box.
  6. Setup your optional Automated Attendant

    Refer to the Auto Attendant Setup Guide included in the box, or call our customer support team to make an appointment with an Auto Attendant setup specialist.
  7. Complete the process for the transferring of your phone numbers

    Fax the necessary port authorization and bill copy to 877-210-4015 for the porting of the numbers you ordered; your number port could take from 2-6 weeks and cannot begin until you send us the necessary paperwork. For more information, refer to the Number Transfer Guide.