With Intermedia’s FollowMe Forwarding you can have your desk phone and cell phone ring at the same time! So whether someone dials your direct phone number, your extension or comes to your phone through an Auto Attendant, you can be assured to never miss an important call. This is ideal for mobile employees, or those mobile even around the office.

FollowMe Forwarding uses a web control panel to allow you the ability to turn on and off, set up and modifying settings. FollowMe Forwarding is included for all phones with no fees.

FollowMe Forwarding Includes:

  • Route calls to ring up to 3 phones simultaneously
  • Automatic pull back to internal voicemail
  • Forward calls to single phone number without pull back
  • Web control panel
  • Voicemail features associated with the phone

Changes to FollowMe are Quick & Easy!

Follow Me Forwarding image