Important: For Intermedia Unite please refer to How Do I Set Up Find Me, Follow Me (Forward Calls To Another Number) on Intermedia Unite article.

Intermedia’s FollowMe Forwarding feature allows your desk phone and cell phone ring at the same time.

FollowMe would work for calls:

  • To your direct phone number;
  • To your extension;
  • Routed to you through Auto Attendant.

FollowMe Forwarding uses a web control panel to allow you the ability to turn on and off and modify forwarding settings. FollowMe Forwarding is included for all phones with no fees.

Note: FollowMe Forwarding does not exist for Addon, WebFax and Auto Attendant numbers.

FollowMe Forwarding Includes:

  • Route calls to ring up to 3 phones simultaneously;
  • Automatic pull back to internal voicemail;
  • Forward calls to a single phone number without the pullback;
  • Web control panel;
  • Voicemail features associated with the phone.

As a user, you can access FollowMe Forwarding from the Voice Services page.

As an admin, you can access FollowMe Forwarding from HostPilotĀ® Control Panel Home page, go to Services > SIP-T & PBX 2.0 > Numbers & Extensions.


There, on the Numbers & extensions tab, click on the number that you would be forwarding from.

Once the desired number has been selected, you will need to click on the blue hyperlink Click to review voicemail or change notification settings, etc... can be found at the bottom of the screen, it will open a new tab/page.


There you will need to click on FollowMe Forwarding on the left and specify how you would like the calls to be forwarded.


The system will suggest three options:

    1. Forward calls to a specific phone number;

      Note: if the forwarding number won't answer, the call will either go to this number's voicemail or hang up if there is no voicemail box set up.
    1. Forward calls to multiple phone numbers at the same time;

      If the Office option was selected for one of drop-boxes, this will allow the desk phone ring at the same time with other specified numbers.
    2. Route calls directly to the desk phone.