Q: Who do I contact if I have questions?

A:If you have already submitted your number transfer paperwork, please contact Support. If you have NOT submitted number transfer paperwork please contact your Sales Representative.

Q: How do I set the system up?

A:In general, the requirements for our Digital Phone System are that your office:

  • Must have power
  • Must have a high-speed, or broadband, connection to the Internet
  • Must have a DHCP-enabled router
  • Must have a firewall (most retail routers include built-in software firewalls)
  • Must be located at a US address within the service area for Enhanced 911 Services.
  • If your office meets these requirements, then you can find information on how to connect our different kinds of equipment by referring to the appropriate Quick Installation Guide.

Q: I don’t have a free port on my modem or router. What should I do?

A: You may purchase a device such as a network switch to increase the number of available Ethernet ports that you may utilize on your network.

Q: What are my phone numbers?

A: You initially receive a complimentary local phone number with each line of phone service. These numbers will be sent to you in an email from AccessLine within two days from the time you confirm your order. For Flex phone systems, you may also view a list of your phone numbers by logging into your Admin Portal website.

Q: How do I set up my Auto Attendant?

A: Once logged in to the Auto Attendant, customers may view the tutorials listed under the Help tab. New customers who are within their first 30 days of service may also schedule an appointment with an Implementation Specialist by emailing voiceonboarding@intermedia.net. Existing customers beyond the first 30 days may contact Customer Service.

Q: Can I set the outbound Caller ID (CLI) for my phones?

A: Yes, each Intermedia phone can show its own unique Caller ID number (CLI) on outbound calls. You may modify which number each phone shows via the Admin Portal.

Q: How do my numbers route?

A: AccessLine receives the call to your phone number from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), and intelligently routes the call to your digital phone(s) over the Internet. Any Basic Numbers assigned to your desk phones or cordless phones will ring those phones directly. Any Enhanced Service numbers on your account will route incoming calls based on their programming.

Q: How do I change my Auto Attendant PIN?

A: Over the web, login to your Auto Attendant account and select Personal Info. You will then be able to select a new PIN. Over the phone, dial into your Auto Attendant account and press 8 to enter the User Options menu. From there, press 7 and you will be prompted to change your PIN. If you do not remember your current Auto Attendant PIN, it can be reset by logging into your Control panel > SIP-T & PBX 2.0 > Numbers and Extensions > find the Auto Attendant number and select Change PIN. If you are a TeleDesk user, remember to update your PIN in the TeleDesk login screen whenever you change your PIN.

Q: How do I set-up or change my Auto Attendant notification options?

A: Notification can be sent to you via email to your regular email address or a cell phone email address each time you receive a voicemail. Over the web, login to your Auto Attendant account and select Personal Info then Notification. You can then update your notification options.

Q: How do I change my stored office, home/home office or cell numbers for my AccessLine number?

A: Over the web, login to your AccessLine account and select Stored Numbers. Enter your new number(s) and touch OK. Over the phone, dial into your AccessLine number and press 8 to enter the User Options menu. Select 3 to change your forwarding numbers then listen to the prompts to change the appropriate number.

Q: How do I record a voicemail greeting?

A: Each AccessLine phone has its own voicemail box on which you may record custom outgoing voicemail messages. To record a voicemail greeting on a desk phone, refer to that phone's User Guide. If you have purchased an optional Auto Attendant phone number, you can set the voicemail message for the Auto Attendant by dialing the Auto Attendant number, entering the PIN over the sound of the first ring, and following the prompts.