• What shipping methods are available and how do they differ?

    Shipping is offered as Standard order processing with Ground shipping or Expedited order processing with Next Day Air shipping.

  • If I select Ground, when will I have my phones?

    An order submitted as Ground will be received at the shipping address typically within 6 to 10 business days. The order processing process takes approximately 3 business days and is then shipped using a 3-business-day shipping method.

  • If I select Next Day Air, when will I receive my phones?

    An order submitted as Next Day Air, before noon PST, will be received at the shipping address by the end of the next business day. If an order is accepted after noon PST, the order will be shipped the next business day. The shipment is sent via Next Day Air.

    There is an exception with Next Day Fulfillment. Any order that has 50 or more phones, requires special handling. We are unable to guarantee Next Day Fulfillment on an order of this size without prior coordination.
  • What is the difference between order processing and shipping?

    Order processing is the process of configuring and assigning specific hardware to a new or existing customer, during which time phone numbers and extensions are assigned to the physical devices, hardware is packaged and collateral is added which provides information about the order and how to set up the phones. Shipping occurs when the fulfilled orders are ready to leave the warehouse and are picked up by our shipping vendor.

  • How long does it take to process an order?

    Standard order processing takes approximately 3 business days. Expedited order processing takes approximately 1 business day.

    NOTE: Once an order is accepted, the processing of the order starts by the order processing team 2 hours after acceptance. This is to allow any last minute changes to be made to the order. Once order processing starts, no changes can be made to that order. If any changes are made during this 2 hour window, the 2 hour clock restarts.
  • Where can I have my order sent?

    A valid United States Postal Service (USPS) delivery address is required to submit an order and we recommend shipments are sent to addresses were deliveries can be signed for to prevent loss or delay. Shipments that cannot be delivered by our shipping vendor will be returned to our facility.

  • What happens if the shipment is undeliverable?

    Undeliverable shipments that are returned to Intermedia will be held until we can reach our customer and determine a valid shipping address. 

  • Can I change where my shipment is going?

    Yes. If for some reason there is a need to change where a shipment is going during the transit process, please contact your support representative as soon as possible and provide them with the new address. The tracking information will not change, but the shipment may incur a re-routing fee.

  • How do I get my tracking numbers?

    When the order has been fulfilled, the order information is sent to the email address we have on file for the account. Delivery notification and tracking information is sent to the same email address directly from our shipping vendor.

    In addition, you can look up tracking information in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Hosted PBX > Order History.

    order history

  • How much does it cost?

    Our shipping fees are based on delivery method (Ground or NDA) and customer location. All shipments originate in Washington state and shipping fees vary based on distance.

  • What shipping vendor do you use?

    Intermedia ships both via United Parcel Service (UPS) and Federal Express (FedEx).