Known Issues

  1. SIP ALG enabled by default, causing call and phone feature failures


  1. Login to router.
    • Default credentials:
      • username = "root".
      • Password = "1234" or "12345".
  2. Go to Advanced Setup > NAT > ALG > Uncheck SIP Enabled > Click Save/Apply.
  3. Reboot the gateway.
    • This is required before phones will start working correctly.
    • The router can also give 400/bad request errors on almost every router webUI page loaded and when saving/applying the changes.
    • Simply reload pages/resubmit until all changes can be made successfully.
  4. We need more information on this router to find out if the other basic router requirements can be made on this router. 
    • Please contact Intermedia Voice Technical Support so we can better document other necessary changes that need to be made to this router.