Problem: The user does not receive SPAM reports even though there are messages in the Quarantine.


Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Check quarantined email type: Email Protection > Quarantine > in To: filed type in user’s email address > Thread has value as Spam. If email violated different policy (Attachment, Content, Virus, Email Authentication) it is not included to Spam Report and separate notification is sent to user (see Policy setitngs > Notifications). Quarantine
  2. Check global Policy settings for spam reporting: Email Protection > Policies > double-click on a Policy the user is assinged to > Spam > Reporting > Email a Spam Report to: is set to All users assigned to this Policy or to Seleted Users, and Frequency covers the day user did not get the report on. Policy
  3. Check end-user’s settings for spam reporting: Account Management > Users > double-click on user > Email Protection > Details > Spam Report: is enabled, under and Frequency is set to *Default, or covers the day user did not get the report on. User
  4. Search user’s mailbox for My Spam Report: the email might be accidentally moved to another folder or deleted by user, mailbox Rule, Outlook Junk Rule, etc… Check Recover Deleted items.