This article describes managing Office Apps licenses. Use Microsoft Office Online Support to find more details on each app, guides how to use the apps, sign in and sign out processes, etc.

Note: only Retail licenses are provided for Office Apps, therefore they can be used on servers running Terminal Services only with Office Apps ProPlus.

In order to manage licenses you need to login to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel with your administrator's credentials and navigate to Services > Intermedia Office Apps > Licenses.

Office Apps

In the Licenses section, you can purchase new and manage existing licenses: Office Apps, Office Apps ProPlus, Visio Pro and Project Online Professional. Visio Pro and Project Online Professional are listed as optional licenses in your HostPilot. 

Note: it might take up to 10 minutes to propagate a purchase of a new license. The number of licenses is limited to 300 for Office Apps and is unlimited for Office Apps ProPlus, Visio Pro and Project Online Professional.

Manage Office Apps Licenses

If you do not see Office Apps ProPlus field, please click Add new license type first.

Add new license type

To manage licenses click Assign licenses to users button.

Remove Office Apps Licenses

You can assign licenses to individual mailboxes or to select multiple mailboxes > click Assign licenses for selected > choose available license type. Click Save changes.

Note: When assigning a license to a user, the UPN of the user cannot be  This is due to the tenant reserving the address  If you try to assign a license to a user with this UPN, this will result in a failure.  To work around this issue, you can change the UPN of the user to anything other than ( for example), then assign the license to the user.  Once the license is assigned, you can change the UPN back to 

Assign/Unassign Office Apps licenses
Note: a user can have different type of licenses assigned except Office Apps and Office Apps ProPlus.

You can unassign licenses to individual mailboxes or to select multiple mailboxes > click Unassign licenses for selected > choose license type. Click Save changes.

Note: system will not allow you to set the amount of licenses to 0. Instead of this you may want to uninstall the service completely. Please follow this article for more information.

Office Apps vs. Office Apps ProPlus

Feature Office Apps Office Apps ProPlus
Includes MS Access Yes Yes
Terminal Servers Remote Desktop Support No Yes
Maximum Licenses 300 Unlimited
Includes Visio or Project No No
Online versions of Office Yes Yes

Visio or Project are optional licenses and they are not included in the standard Office Apps/Office Apps ProPlus package.

Read the Knowledge Base Article How To Change Office Apps License Type To ProPlus In HostPilot for more information.