The article describes SharePoint login troubleshooting steps. User may experience one of the following issues: 

401 Unauthorized error is caused by browser caching incorrect session details (password, permissions).


Resolution: Clear up browser cache or use another one.

403 Forbidden error usually occurs when a user was re-added on the SharePoint site and blocked somehow.

Resolution: Contact Support for resolution.

404 Page Not Found error occurs when some SharePoint site pages are broken or moved, and cannot be found by the browser. Usually default.aspx is the only affected page.


  • If the issue occurs with brand new SharePoint site, reinstall SharePoint service in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel.
  • If he issue occurs on existing SharePoint site and reinstall is not an option, contact Support. As a workaround, you may temporarily use https://SharePointSiteName/_layouts/settings.aspx to access other subsites.
  • If you have SharePoint connected through WebDav, you may resolve the issue by finding the default.aspx file and restoring it to root directory (it might be either moved to a different folder or to Recycle Bin).

Access Denied error occurs when user’s browser caches incorrect login/permissions information or user does not have appropriate permission on SharePoint site.



  • Try to log in from another browser. If works, clear up browser’s cache
  • Verify user has appropriate permissions on SharePoint site.
  • Verify user is not granted permissions several times, and those permissions are not contradictable (e.g. permissions are granted directly to and via Permissions Group).
  • Re-add user to the following list: https://SharePointSiteName/_catalogs/users/simple.aspx

Constant password prompt occurs when the user types in incorrect credentials.



  • Make sure user’s password is correct. Log in to My Services or OWA:
  • Verify you are using correct user’s default email address. You may check it in HostPilot > Users.