This article is an overview of Secure Mail Tools & Settings which allow users to customize Secure Mail according to thier needs. User may access this application from Start > Programs > Tools & Settings, or from Outlook plugin: Secure Mail > Tools & Settings.


ID & Password Tools contains infomration about all activated Secure Mail ID. There you may:


Secure Mail contains customization options. There you may:

  • Change the reminder prompts when the message is sent (prompt to secure the message every time, or only when the message contains sensitive information).
  • Change how non-subscribers view your secure messages (answer your security questions to view the message, or register online to view the message).
  • Change message decryption settings.
  • Change Secure message format.
  • Set automatic encryption of messages (always, based on recipients, based on content).
  • Configure additional certificates for digital signing and encrypting in Outlook.
  • Change password prompting options (propmp every time email is sent, or once per session).
  • View Secure Mail Tutorial.


ver 7.2.1 (or older) contains plugin Logs. There you may:

  • View detailed information on plugin and all plugin componetns.
  • Manage Logs. 
  • Change plugin language.


You may also customize some settings right in Outlook plugin. There you may:

  • Creare new encrypted message.
  • Add Contact to Trusted ones.
  • Open Tools & Settings.
  • Change reminder prompt options.
  • Get help with Secure Mail.