Known Issues:

  1. SIP ALG is enabled by default and cannot be disabled, causing intermittent phone call and feature failures. 
  2. There is no option to change the router's UDP session time out value which causes intermittent registration failures on Polycom phones due to the fact that the router is blocking the phones' NAT Binding/Keep-Alive packets that are sent every 15 seconds.
  3. DNS server addresses need to be changed to set of efficient DNS servers, like Google's DNS or another DNS, to prevent intermittent registration failures on Polycom phones.

Temporary Resolution:

  1. Login to the router
  2. Under the router's LAN DHCP configuration change the following:
    • Primary DNS server:
    • Secondary DNS server:
    • Disable DNS proxying (aka DNS relay)
  3. Under the router's firewall configuration make sure the router accepts WAN pings
    • WAN ping response to our Call Quality Monitoring and Troubleshooting Servers, and, needs to be enabled.

Permanent Resolution:

  1. Buy a Recommended Router if you do not have one already.
  2. Intermedia cannot setup the new router for you, but your IT or the manufacturer of your new router can help you. 
  3. They will need to move settings from the old to the new router to ensure your computers and other devices on the network work properly.