This article describes best practices for SecuriSync on Mac Sierra OSX.

Mac Sierra (version 10.12) introduced new features to avoid data loss:

  1. Mac Sierra allows to sync Desktop & Documents Folders to iCloud in order to optimize the disk storage.
  2. Mac Sierra allows to save space by moving infrequently-used filed from local disk to iCloud.

Do not enable either of these features above as it will result in data loss and syncing conflicts if:

  • My SecuriSync folder is not in its default location. If it was moved to Documents/Desktop. Read the Knowledge Base on SecuriSync: Change Folder Location for more information.
  • If you have enabled the backup of Documents and Desktop. Read the Knowledge Base on SecuriSync: Selective Sync for more information.

To avoid sync issues it is recommended to adjust iCloud settings:

  1. Go to the System Preferences
  2. Go to iCloud > Options
  3. Uncheck Desktop & Documents Folders and uncheck Optimize Mac Storage 
  4. Click Done button
    icloud storage settings

Important: If you have ever had Desktop & Documents Folders syncing to iCloud, once you disable this setting, all contents in local Desktop & Documents Folders on your Mac will be removed. However, they will still be available on iCloud. In order to restore these files on you Mac, you need to copy them from iCloud to your local Desktop & Documents Folders.