The article describes user's options in Microsoft Online portal. User may access the portal from using his Intermedia Office Apps login and password. The following is availble for each user:

  • Me. User's information contains Office Apps login, country (US) and user's unique identifier. User cannot manage this information and it does not sync with HostPilot.
  • Software. User may get and download apps for mobile devices and tablets. 
  • Theme. User may change his Microsoft Online page theme.
  • Start Page. Always set to default one. User cannot change it.
  • Password. User may change his Office Apps password there.
  • Language. User can change his Microsoft Online portal interface language. This will not affect any of his Apps or OWA.

Online portal also allows to send a Feedback to Microsoft, get information about App Launcher, access Help articles, join Microsoft Community, view Legal documents and Privacy Notice.