The article describes how to access and manage Admin and User quarantine areas in HostPilot.

Admin and User quarantine areas are two separate spaces that store users' quarantined messages. A message is routed either to Admin or User quarantine area depending on the spam policy on the account.

Admin quarantine

As an account administrator, you can access Admin email quarantine area by logging into HostPilot > Services > Email Security > Settings > Admin quarantine. It will redirect you to the Admin portal where you can manage quarantined emails that were not sent to the end-users. 

By default, none of the emails show up in Admin email quarantine area. In order to view and manage them, you need to create a search by one of the parameters: TO address, FROM address, Date or Subject. You can refine your results by entering more information into the other search fields.

Note: Messages are stored in Admin quarantine for 7 days. Only 100 quarantined messages can be present at one time. You may need to narrow down the search parameters to find a specific message.

There are five types of the quarantined emails which are highlighted with different colors:

  • Spam
  • Virus
  • Phishing
  • Marketing
  • Social 

From Admin email quarantine area, you can either View a message or Allow it. By clicking Allow, the email can be:

  • Send to user's Inbox - the email will be moved to the Inbox folder of the actual recipient
  • Send to custom address - the email will be sent to any provided email address.

A quarantined email can be sent to all three addresses. The last action shows what option was applied to the message the last time.

If you wish to release a virus message, the following warning will come up to make you aware of the possible risk:

Select Don't Send to cancel releasing a message.

User quarantine

To access User quarantine, navigate to HostPilot > Services > Email Security > Settings > User quarantine:

You will be redirected to a separate web app.

Note: you can log in only to 1 user Quarantine Area at a time.

To log in to a specific user Quarantine Area, type at least 4 characters of the user's email address and click on the email address:

View user quarantine

Note: the user will appear in the list only if they have at least 1 quarantined email.

Read the Knowledge Base article on Email Security: User Quarantine (End-User Guide) for more information on how to manage User quarantine.

To log in to another user Quarantine Area, click on Search for another user and repeat the process:

Search for another user

Note: You may receive an error message Unable to find user when searching for it in the user quarantine. It indicates that either there is a typo in the email address or the user has not received any messages into its quarantine yet.