If the User quarantine option is selected by Account Contacts, users will receive Quarantine Report emails.

When a message is quarantined, it remains quarantined for 30 days and then automatically purged. 

There are two types of Quarantine Reports:

Daily Quarantine Report

Users will receive the Daily Quarantine Report if they have received any quarantined items within the last 24 hours. The Daily Quarantine Report frequency is one per day and is typically delivered between  1:00 and 3:00 AM server time.

Weekly Quarantine Summary

The Weekly Quarantine Report frequency is one per week on Monday and is typically delivered between 01:00 and 03:00 AM server time.

Quarantine Reports for Distribution Lists

Email Security generates separate Quarantine Reports for Distribution Lists.  All members of a Distribution List receive quarantine report for this Distribution List. They will be able to manage the Distribution List's Quarantine Area via Quarantine Reports for the Distribution List.

Currently, Quarantine Reports can not be disabled. However, if users do not want to receive Quarantine Reports for Distribution Lists, there is a workaround:

  1. create a separate inbound policy and add Distribution Lists in question to the policy via HostPilotĀ® Control Panel. Read our Knowledge Base article Advanced Email Security: Policy Management for more details.
  2. assign a top priority to this policy.
  3. Disable User Quarantine for the policy. Read the Knowledge Base article Email Security: Message Routing for more details.


  • Each type of Quarantine Reports contains a link to user Quarantine Area
  • the link to user Quarantine Area from daily reports expires after 30 days
  • the link to user Quarantine Area from weekly reports expires after 7 days
  • server time depends on your Exchange domain.
    EXCH082 - Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    EXCH083 - Mountain Time Zone
    EXCH580 - Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
    Other Exchange domains - Pacific Standard Time ( PST)