Known Issues

  • This router has SIP ALG and it must be disabled in order to avoid issues with phone registration and fax/call feature quality of service.
  • This router must be configured to a set of efficient DHCP DNS servers in order to prevent phone registration errors due to DNS time out responses on Polycom devices.
  • This device is marketed as a VoIP router however the SIP configurations that this device is capable of are not required for Hosted PBX services provided by Intermedia. This device is better suited for a SIP configuration requiring an on-premise SIP proxy. It is not recommened to use this router because of the lack of testing (especially with QoS configurations) however the set up below has been effective in at least one scenario.


  1. Log into the router.
  2. Click on VoIP ALG
    • If "Use ALG Alias IP Addresses" is checked, uncheck it
    • If any settings on this page are enabled (checked), disable them. They're not necessary for Hosted PBX.
    • Click Submit.
  3. Click on VoIP ALG  -> SIP -> ALG.
    • In the "From header" box make sure SIP Server Address (default) is checked.
    • Click Commit
  4. The following is needed only if own or plan on purchasing Polycom phones.
    • Click on System -> Network Information
    • Under DNS Servers, check "Manually set DNS"
    • Set the DNS servers as such:
      • Primary DNS Server
      • Secondary DNS server