The article describes the issues you might experience with Cloud Softphone. 

The Cloud softphone is an application developed by Acrobits, Intermedia has adopted this application to work with Voice Services and most technical issues have to be investigated in collaboration with Acrobits.

Troubleshooting steps:

1. Ensure that you have the most recent version of the softphone application:
For iPhone: v1.4.5
For Android: v1.4.3
2. Update your smartphone to the latest firmware version.
Find the list of the known issues below:
Issue Resolution
Quickdial, History, Keypad and Contacts softkeys are only visible when they are selected  Restart the application 
QOS (choppy audio) when connected to WiFi  Contact support for assistance 
No Menu Button on Galaxy S5 v4.4.2  Press and hold the recent applications button (soft button to the left of the home button) when the keypad is open.
Dialpad screen being greyed out when select the Voicemail icon The application looks as it is frozen, due to white text on grey background. This is a purely cosmetic issue. We are currently working on a resolution.
Blank call history We are currently working on a resolution
When the passcode has been entered to unlock the phone, the caller still hears ringing but the softphone stops ringing.  Open the application to answer the call.
 Calls that are being forwarded to Cloud Softphone using Follow Me feature or unconditionally forwarding fail to voicemail  We are currently working on a resolution
Inbound cell calls interrupt VoIP calls Check the configuration under Settings -> Preferences -> Controls -> On GSM Call. The cell call will interrupt the softphone no matter what is configured here. Do nothing means that the caller on the softphone will not know that the call is not connected at the moment, and the 2 other options will notify the caller on the remote end that the call state has changed.  An application on iOS or android cannot change cell call handling and the application will inevitably be interrupted by an inbound cell call.
MWI (new voicemail notification) is not always delivered

1) the MWI notification only works when the phone app is active. It will not be delivered if the phone is sleeping or if the app is off;

2) if the user frequently closes and re-opens the app, it will stop sending MWI notifications. They will only be sent up to 2 times within 5 minutes.

If steps above did not help,  provide Support with the following information:
Make/model/firmware version/carrier of smartphone:
Smartphone connection type: (3G/4G/LTE/WiFi)
Firmware version of Smartphone:
Firmware version of Softphone Application: