You can use your own copies of Outlook if you have them from another source. To use Intermedia-provided copies of Microsoft Outlook, you need to include Outlook Licensing into the account.

Note: only Account Owners can enable this option.

Enablement procedure

  1. Navigate to HostPilot > Downloads.
  2. On the page with the download options, click Download button under any of the Outlook clients.
  3. If Outlook licensing isn't included for the account, Outlook/Entourage Licensing Not Included option will be turned on.
    Note: This option is configured by default for the account.
    Licensing not included
  4. To enable Outlook licensing, click Outlook/Entourage Licensing Included radio button. Only the Account Owner can select this option.
    Licensing Included
    Important: Once enabled, there is no option to downgrade the licensing back to the previous state from the HostPilot. Please contact Billing department to cancel the licensing