This feature availability depends on your plan.

The Emergency Event is a feature that is designed to maintain the mail flow during Office 365 outage.

Important: Email Continuity should be enabled in case of emergency manually by Administrator, it will not be enabled automatically in case of an outage.

Preparing for Emergency Event

To prepare for Emergency Event:

  1. Check if all users have provided alternate contact details:
    • users who provided the information have a check mark in the Alternate information column
    • users who didn't provide the information have an exclamation mark in an orange triangle in the Alternate information column

  2. Click the Request alternate info  link to request missing information

    If there is no alternate contact information, the users will not receive an Emergency Event notification email. Administrator will need to notify the users and provide their login and password details manually.
  3. Configure spam filtering in the Email Protection settings

Read the Knowledge Base article on Email Continuity For Office 365 (Admin Guide) for more details.

How to turn Email Continuity on?

Once the service is enabled for the users, to turn Email Continuity on, log into HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > go to Services > Office 365 > Email Continuity > Emergency Event > click the Turn Email Continuity on button.

If the emergency event is turned on, messages will come into the emergency mailboxes only. They will not be delivered to Office 365 mailboxes at this time. Once the outage has been covered, all messages received to the emergency mailboxes will be synced back to Office 365.
Emergency mailbox in an OWA-only mailbox, all mailbox data is available for the last 30 days. During the outage, users should use emergency mailboxes only.

Note: Users can log into the emergency mailboxes only when Email Continuity is on.

Important: During outage time the following functionalities are not available:

  • re-occurring events that were created before the outage
  • data older than 30 days
  • forwarding settings for mailboxes (the emails will be delivered and will not be forwarded)
  • booking delegates for the resource mailbox will not be synced
  • calendar and email categories (colors) are not copied

Once Email Continuity is on, the users who specified contact alternate info will receive an email and SMS notification that consists the following information:

  • Login to the emergency mailbox
  • Temporary password for the emergency mailbox which needs to be reset on the first login
  • URL how to access the emergency mailbox 

Note: If the user did not specify the alternate info and the emergency event is already on, the admin needs to do the following:

  1. Reset the password for the user: HostPilot > Services > Office 365 Email Continuity> Users> select the user > reset the password 
  2. Contact the user and provide him with the login and password to login to the Emergency mailbox.

Emergency mailbox password can be reset only once Email Continuity is turned on. To do that:

  1. Navigate to Email Continuity > Users and click on their username
  2. Enter new password to the Emergency mailbox new password field, re-type it and click Save Changes

How to turn Email Continuity off?

When the outage is resolved on Office 365 end, you will need to turn Email Continuity back off. To do this, log into HostPilot > Services > Office 365 > Email Continuity > Emergency event > click the Turn Email Continuity off button.

Once Email Continuity is turned off, the notification will be sent to all emergency mailboxes and the messages will be re-routed to the regular Office 365 mailboxes. OWA-Only mailboxes will become unavailable. 

Note: Notifications will only be sent to the users who provided alternate info. Inbound mail delivery will be also restored for users who do not have Email Continuity enabled.

Once Email Continuity event is switched off, the synchronization of the messages received to OWA-Only mailboxes during the outage will begin. When all data is synchronized to Office 365 mailboxes, users will be logged out from the emergency mailboxes:

  • if a mail folder was created in Emergency mailbox, it will be automatically created in Office 365
  • if a new item was created in Emergency mailbox, it will be synced to Office 365 mailbox
  • if an item within a folder was changed, it will be changed in Office 365 mailbox

Known issues

  • If some items (messages/calendars/contacts/tasks/notes/folders) were deleted in OWA, they will still be available in Office 365 mailbox
  • If an item was moved from one folder to another one in emergency mailbox, it will be duplicated